Wall of Thanks

Dear Patrons,

 I feel very fortunate and grateful for their trust and support in giving my LSR Sounds an opportunity to be part of their creative projects.

Once again my biggest thanks to my following past & present Patrons, in alphabetical order:

Alejandro SQ, Anastasia Tsolaki, Aries, Ben English, Brian Capek, Brock Allam, Daniel Kelly, Drearia, GiantHurtBall, Günter Pavlas, Indoor Minotaur, Isaiah Collazo, Kevin Petras, KurdaBOy, Mitch K Allan, Moony’s Plush Plaza, Pohlin Lee, Redbazon, Ruby Duby Games, ScottScottRobot, Siluman, Tony S Bernard, Twilight Faze, Vexitus & 원영 소.

The confidence that you have had in my music, motivates me to continue with this project of Patreon, putting all my dedication so that my compositions are at the height of your projects.

I thank all of you with all my heart for your support.