Terms of Use

Hey there!

Music Compositions posted in this blog are entirely my work and when stated for release, usable in both free and commercial games.

Let me know what you’re working on from time to time if you choose to use my music!

Luc-Stamrah Music Collection Terms of use:

  • When using my pieces (both in free and commercial games), please credit me as Luc-Stamrah  and link back to this website.
  • Please if you feel like reposting and sharing my files and  compositions, link back to this website!
  • If you’re using my music compositions in a commercial game, a free copy would be nice!
  • You are allowed to make edits of my pieces to fit the needs of your projects (such as the creation of loops, cuts and miscellaneous edits), however you are not allowed to repost these edited files anywhere else!
  • Even for edited versions, I retain all ownership aspects of the music pieces and monetizing these assets in ways which clearly are not the original distributition intent of my library is prohibited.
  • You may not subsell/sublicense/redistribute my pieces as parts of resource bundles or individually. Remember, my songs are oriented to be used as resources part of your game projects, not for individual resale.
  • For anything not covered, I reserve the right to adapt to the situation accordingly! Feel free to contact me if you have a specific question!
  • You may use Luc Stamrah Music Collection resources for instructional videos, tutorials, speed paints, game trailers, or other uses typically derived by the needs of youtube. For any other use not covered here please contact me first! The crediting requirement remains the same for cases such as these.

Have fun and enjoy!