The Luc-Stamrah (LSR), Music Collection is a growing music respository for game projects run and fueled by Luc-Stamrah! A wandering shapeshifting music composer.

The goal of the Luc-Stamrah Music Collection is to establish a free and comprehensive collection of RPG themes inspired by the sounds of the world.

You may use the Luc-Stamrah Collection pieces with any game engine, as long as the terms of use I have established here are respected, please have fun!


Release Schedule

  • Every week on Friday,  3 new theme songs ¡Here! (Dungeons, Fields, Character, Scene, etc).
  • Every 2 weeks  on Friday, 1 Looped cut up battle theme ¡Here! (Battle, Boss, Etc) and 2 new theme songs (instead of the usual 3).