Pixel Dream Will Launch KemonoQ JRPG Dungeon Crawler

KemonoQ is actively developed by PixelDream, a collective between with Aekashics,LucStamrah and Vistrom, and further powered by the creative and technical input of Yanfly and Liquidize. 
KemonoQ is a JRPG dungeon crawler in development, focused around equippable passive and powerful active effects. With a major focus on gameplay without neglecting its setting and characters, KemonoQ tells a dark tale of irony, while offering an engaging gameplay experience. KemonoQ will launch its first public alpha build on November 1st!

LSR Sounds 20

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Monday 25/09/2017

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Here is the link to download the LSR Sounds 20, X Battle Against The Ancient Automaton (Public Release). You can download the Extended Release Here in Patreon

These full themes are available to download for my Legato or Symphonic Rewards Patrons, in Patreon

Check the Akashics Librarium Animated – Ancient Automaton here: